Ottawa Bus Crash: Westboro Station Incident Sees Double-Decker Vehicle Strike Transit Shelter

Police and a first responders work at the scene where a double-decker city bus struck a transit shelter in Ottawa

Images of the crash during the afternoon rush hour showed upper deck seats hanging from a gaping hole at the front of the bus, firefighters on ladders trying to reach the injured and a lineup of 25 ambulances waiting in the biting cold to take them to hospitals.

"An investigation is now underway on the cause of the collision", he told reporters.

"It is with deep sadness that I report there were three confirmed casualties, two of which were on the bus and one that was on the platform", Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson told reporters at a news conference late on Friday.

The accident happened at 3:50 p.m. local time on Friday when the second floor of the bus struck the roof of the Westboro bus station, which is located in the city's Westboro neighborhood.

Police Chief Charles Bordeleau said the bus driver was arrested after the crash, but he declined to provide details on why she was detained.

"Based on the way it looked, if there was anybody at the front of the bus at the top ..." The third had been standing on the station platform, Watson said.

"You get a knot in the pit of your stomach".

"I saw bodies flying out and it was pretty intense at the time", Borle said. "It's not a comfortable thing to witness and I can't imagine experiencing it".

Ontario Premier Doug Ford took it to Twitter to send a message to the victims and their families.

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson offered his sympathy on Twitter saying, "Our hearts and condolences go out to all those injured, those who lost their lives as well as to their families". "I have asked staff to ensure all necessary resources are made available to assist them through this hard time", he said.

Emergency crews respond to a deadly double-decker bus crash at Westboro Station in Ottawa, January 11, 2019.



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