New Marvel Game in Development by Ex-Hearthstone Devs

Marvel Avengers

Crystal Dynamics are also now working on a new Marvel game based on the Avengers, which was announced back in 2017.

The US start-up was found by Ben Brode and Hamilton Chu, Hearthstone's game director and executive producer respectively, in 2018 and was working out of Brode's garage before moving to an office in Irvine, California. Second Dinner says this is enough to fully fund its first project, meaning it only has to worry about creating a quality Marvel game.

Another couple confirmed details from the announcement video: the game is being built on the Unity engine (same as Hearthstone) and it will use Amazon Web Services.

Second Dinner raised $30 million via a minority investment from a company called NetEase and is now looking to expand its team to build the aforementioned game. Ong added a bit of Marvel hyperbole as well: "They and the team they've assembled at Second Dinner have made some of the greatest games in history". They're now working on an unannounced Marvel game which the team describes as "a kernel of a fun idea" that they've been playtesting an early prototype of. "I've worked with Hamilton and Ben for years and they are exactly who we want making Marvel games", Ong said. Or maybe Spectacular! Or Incredible! Now, two of the developers behind Blizzard Entertainment's online card game, Hearthstone, are getting in on the action. "Or Mighty! Or quite possibly all of the above!"

A new announcement for his own company, Second Dinner, soon followed.

We'll see when it gets announced... at some point? Since then, their team has been busy prototyping a new game.

Second Dinner have netted $30 million (£23.7m) from NetEase's minority investment, which should keep the lights on while they work on their mysterious whatever.



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