MLB Insider Has Major Update On QB Kyler Murray

A's are scrambling for last-ditch Kyler Murray plea

The Oakland Athletics are sending a group of top executives to meet with Heisman Trophy victor Kyler Murray on Sunday in the hopes of persuading him to pursue a professional baseball career as he decides between honoring his contract with the team or playing quarterback in the National Football League, sources with knowledge of the meeting told ESPN.

The chances seem high at this point that Murray, who projects to be one of the first quarterbacks taken, will enter the draft.

While the draft declaration won't tip Murray's hand, he is facing a decision.

Murray and the A's are set to meet on Sunday to discuss his professional future.

MLB Network's Jon Morosi reported that MLB sent marketing executives to the meeting to outline Murray's potential earnings in a baseball career.

The A's have a lot invested in Kyler Murray, seeing as how they drafted him with the ninth overall pick in the 2018 MLB Draft. Murray is expected to declare for the National Football League draft before the Monday deadline, though doing so in no way would preclude him from agreeing to a new deal with the A's. They are not allowed to sign amateur players to minor league deals, then immediately give them major league deals, because the latter would be an inducement to sign and a circumvention of the league's finite draft pools.

Instead of this meeting clearing things up, it instead raised even more questions. Since Murray is already technically under contract, no league rules would be broken if the A's were to sign him to a Major League contract now and add him to their 40-man roster.

The eye-popping news comes in the wake of reports from earlier today from WFAA's Mike Leslie, who heard from a source that Murray wanted $15MM in new money to forego the National Football League for the Athletics.