Milwaukee bus driver saves baby left alone on overpass

Video shows bus driver rescuing baby wandering alone near road

Milwaukee County Transit System officials say just before 8 a.m. on Saturday, Dec. 22, bus driver Irena Ivic spotted the toddler wandering alone on a freeway overpass near 4th and Mitchell in frigid tempatures.

Irena Ivic, a driver for the Milwaukee County Transit System, was stunned when she saw a young child running barefoot down a highway overpass on the morning of December 22.

Irena Ivic-Drobnjak is being praised for her immediate action which may have saved the child's life. The child was barefoot - and wearing just a onesie and diaper.

Police told WISN-TV the boy had been left outside by his mother, who they believed may have been suffering from a mental health crisis. Security video shows the girl toddling down the overpass. Ivic-Drobnjak stops her bus and jumps out, stops traffic and runs toward the crying boy who seems to know she's coming for him; he stops and looks toward her. She scooped up the boy and carried him to the bus. I'm shaking, ' she says.

Ivic brought the freezing infant onto her bus and called for help. He was later reunited with his father, MCTS said.

NOTE: Police first said the baby fas a boy but later clarified that the child is actually a girl.

Ms Ivic said she was grateful she was in the right place at the right time to keep the baby safe.