Mark Zuckerberg killed a goat and served it to Jack Dorsey ... cold

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In a Q&A published by Rolling Stone on Wednesday, Dorsey, who wears a nose ring, talks about hate speech, tech addiction and his most memorable moment with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, among other topics.

While there has never been any reporting on a stun gun, Silicon Valley chef named Jesse Cool, who lived eight doors down from Zuckerberg and helped guide him on his backyard-to-table endeavor, told Fortune at the time,"He cut the throat of the goat with a knife, which is the most kind way to do it". "So every day when I can't eat meat I am reminded of why not and how lucky I am, and when I do get the chance to eat meat it's especially good". No, clarified Dorsey, it was one Zuckerberg had killed earlier - "with a laser gun and then the knife", before sending the body to the butcher. I'm like, "What else are we having?"

While it's not clear when the dinner took place, Dorsey was referring to Zuckerberg's personal challenge that he set for himself in 2011.

With Dorsey replying: "I don't know what you're going to do with that, but hopefully that's not the headline". He's like, "I think it's done now". He's like, 'I think it's done now.' We go in the dining room.

Dorsey guessed that it was a stun gun, after all, one should have used to knock an animal unconscious before knifing. He puts the goat down.

The Facebook founder and CEO, 34, is apparently a big fan of eating what he kills.

Asked about his "most memorable encounter" with the Facebook founder, he said that Zuckerberg killed a goat for him for dinner during the year when he pledged to eat what he was killing. "It was cold. That was memorable", Dorsey continued.

Dorsey co-founded Twitter back in 2006 and went on to co-found Square, a mobile payments company later on.

Asked whether the butchering happened before or after he'd arrived, Dorsey said, "No". I just ate my salad.

It's hard to find a metaphor in that. Revenge is a dish best served warm.

Throughout the interview, Dorsey was also asked to express his opinion of Tesla CEO Elon Musk and to describe the differences between Twitter and Facebook when it comes to "purpose". "Goats are fantastic converter - I don't know how many bits of laundry and sheets off clotheslines we've had sent up to us in different forms".

"I see Mark as a very, very smart businessman".

Not the goat killed.



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