Kingdom Hearts 3: What’s New To Expect And Release Date?

Kingdom Hearts 3 update

Still, we are absolutely stoked to be getting our hands on the newest Kingdom Hearts and we know we are far from alone!

With gamers quick to leak spoilers across social media, a unique approach is being taken to preserve the story integrity of Kingdom Hearts 3. The tweet says that players will have to fill certain "criteria" to see the ending of KH3, though it's unclear what they are.

The following day, January 30, the epilogue video will be added to the game.

This patch rollout was a plan of series director and creator Tetsuya Nomura had since the discs were pressed for the game.

The epilogue and secret movie are video content that will enhance player's enjoyment of the world of Kingdom Hearts. Since this is the conclusion of the trilogy, it's hard to say what it might reveal-but the story of Kingdom Hearts has plenty of room for more sequels, even if this trilogy comes to a proper conclusion. You'll be missing out on some potentially extremely juicy story bits though, so you may want to avoid the Internet until you decide to watch the epilogue if you choose that path. Kingdom Hearts III launches January 29 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, though you'll have to wait 24 hours to be able to view the epilogue. Finally, on Thursday, January 31, a third patch will add a secret video.

Memory Archive (videos): The Memory Archive option will be added to the game's title menu and can be viewed at any time.

The only Kingdom Hearts games that gave players the ability to interact with other players are Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories for the Game Boy Advance and the mobile and browser game Kingdom Hearts Union χ.

However, that is the Kingdom Hearts 3 Epilogue and not the actual ending of the game. Only players who've completed the campaign and fulfill a list of special requirements will be allowed to watch the "secret movie" for Kingdom Hearts 3.