Kevin Hart Won't Host The Oscars And Says He Won't Apologize Again

Kevin Hart responded to Don Lemon's request for him to become and LBGTQ ally

The 39-year-old comedian's past homophobic jokes and tweets were drawn back into the spotlight last month after he was named this year's Oscars emcee.

The comedian stopped by Good Morning America on Wednesday to set the record straight yet again on his past harmful remarks about the LGBT community.

"What I want people to understand, the fight is for equality, in my understanding and if that's the fight, if the fight is equality, equal treatment, the only way to get there is understand and accept the change people have to make to get there", said Hart. "Even reading them, I was like, Oh shit, they got a point, '" Hart responded. There is no more conversation about it. I'm literally over that. "And I'm about today". I didn't say these words to people, at the time, this was our dumb asses on Twitter going back and forth with each other. I'm not saying how I've changed anymore, I'm not saying what I've done and what the new me is, I'm not giving no more explanation of who I am. I want you to be happy, be gay, be happy. And I'm going to say it just in case you guys try to take this sh*t and chop it up, I will rebuttal with this f*cking piece right here.

Hart, pressured by the academy to formally apologize, initially offered a non-apology.

"I don't have time to prepare and do it correctly", he said. "I sincerely apologize to the LGBTQ community for my insensitive words from my past".

Which leads us to a 10-plus minute segment in which an obstinate Kevin Hart stonewalls Strahan's tireless effort to find any contrition or charm in the potential Oscar host.

Later, he said it was "your problem" if his apologies, which after he stepped down from the Oscars instead of saying sorry, were not accepted. She also revealed that she had contacted the academy to see if it would give him another chance.

"Once again, Kevin Hart apologizes for his remarks that hurt members of the LGBTQ community. I've said who I am now versus who I was then". "If anybody out there wants to believe that Kevin Hart is that much of a monster that he wouldn't love somebody due to their choice in life, then all power to them", he replied. "You can't let them destroy you and they can't destroy you because you have too much talent". "And I rebuttaled [sic] with an awesome point and when I gave my rebuttal, he said, 'F-k, I get it".

The motion picture academy has not named a replacement host for its February 24 awards show since Hart backed away days after being named host last month when some anti-gay tweets he had made a decade ago resurfaced.



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