Israel forces arrest 18 Palestinians during raid

Israelis and Palestinians celebrate the opening of the road on Wednesday. Included in the

With the blanket support of the current United States administration, including endorsement of Israel's egregious violations and total disdain for worldwide law and the global consensus, Israel is successfully destroying the territorial contiguity and territorial integrity the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) to enhance its colonial settlement enterprise and facilitate the creation of Bantustans throughout occupied Palestine.

Its western side served Palestinian drivers, who can not enter the holy city, while the eastern side will be used by Israeli settlers who will be able to reach French Hill and Mount Scopus more easily, according to the paper.

Palestinian officials and activists on the other hand have condemned the road as an example of Israeli apartheid and racism against Palestinians. "Any Israeli who believes in democracy should feel ashamed about this new road".

Palestinian cartographer Khalil al-Tafakji warned Palestinian media outlets that opening the new road serves as a "prelude to displacing Palestinians from the area and starting settlement construction in the so-called E1 corridor".

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry said in a press statement that the new Israeli plan "undermines the credibility of the worldwide community and the possibility to reach a political solution to the conflict".

According to Haaretz, the road was built over a decade ago.

Instead, Palestinian drivers will travel on the Palestinian side of the road around Jerusalem from the east, without being allowed to enter.

The Israeli troops have also attacked other parts of the West Bank on Friday, which resulted in the arrest of four Palestinian civilians, local reports said.

About 600,000 Israelis live in over 230 settlements built illegally since the 1967 occupation of the Palestinian territories. The road is divided in the middle by an eight-meter high wall.

The International Court of Justice said in 2004 that the apartheid wall violated international law and urged Israel to remove it.