Indian nurse 'pulls baby's head off during birth'

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The male nurse and his colleague took the baby's torso to the hospital mortuary and told the family to take the mother to another hospital.

Speaking to the Hindustan Times Dr Ravindra Sankhla, a gynecologist at Jawahar Hospital said the staff at the health centre informed him that they had completed the delivery but left the placenta in the womb.

"Doctors at the government hospital in Jodhpur found that the body of the baby was split into two and only the head remained, while the other half was already taken out".

The mother is said to be battling for her life after the incident.

Both men have been suspended and an internal investigation is now underway.

On January 6, pregnant Dikhsha Kanwar was admitted to the government-run Ramgarh Community Health Centre, in Rajasthan's Jaisalmer district, when she began having contractions.

Dr Sankhla said he realised there was something "horribly wrong" when he attempted to remove the placenta, who then referred her to the Ummed Hospital in Jodhpur'.

A nurse pulled out the newborn with huge force during the delivery, the parents alleged.

When a team of doctors operated on the woman again, they were shocked to find the baby's head is in the womb.

The incident rocked the state's health department.

The woman's relatives were informed and her husband filed a complaint against the Ramgarh hospital staff. The family reached Ramgarh police station on Wednesday and lodged a case against the two nurses.

"When questioned, the hospital staffers handed over the lower part of the foetus to us", he said.

Jalam Singh, sub-inspector and investigating officer of the case, said no arrests had been made.



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