First Alleged 2019 iPhone XI 'Leak': 3D Renders Reveal Triple-Camera Setup

This may be the new 2019 iPhone Xi

However, the fact that the next iPhone will come with a triple camera setup on the back will not be changing, until and unless something drastic happens.

A set of renders allegedly showing what this rumoured "iPhone XI" will look like were obtained by tech site Digit. The iPhone Xs and Xs Max are still dual-camera phones, but Apple has been known to be late to the game.

There's some controversy regarding the goal of the third camera. Above that is an LED flash and a microphone on the bottom, ' the site reported.

Apple is among the few OEMs, if not the only one, that hasn't adopted a multi-camera setup for its 2018 flagship.

The iPhone moved beyond a flush camera in 2014 when the chassis of the iPhone 6 became too thin to accomodate it.

Digit's source also admits that the new iPhone is still in engineering evaluation and we're not expecting to see a new iPhone model until September 2019, so we're not sure if this design will ever see the light of day. There's no doubt the iPhone XI will support wireless charging and have aluminium core - even if it is for the premium models. Sales were lower than expected previous year, and the company introduced several trade-in incentives and price-cuts in order to boost sales of the 2018 iPhones. Apple has already added depth effects with the dual camera on the iPhone X - so maybe we'll get some new kind of 3D effect through that bonus lens.

Frankly, I think the setup looks ugly and doesn't seem to borrow from the company's elegant industrial design thinking.

Apple made a huge deal out of AR Kit and the iPhone's AR credentials when the iPhone X launched but it has gone a little quiet since then about the technology. Often that might mean that some details are inaccurate, like colours, textures or perhaps placement of sensors or cameras.



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