Bernie Sanders apologizes to women on his staff harassed during 2016 campaign

Top adviser for Bernie Sanders' 2016 presidential campaign accused of forcibly kissing woman staffer

Robert Becker - who oversaw Sanders' campaign in Iowa and, as deputy national field director, subsequently lead the senator's efforts in California, Michigan and NY - allegedly approached the 20-year-old female staffer later that night and grabbed her wrists before forcibly kissing her, the woman and three additional sources cited by Politico claim.

The controversy-and the original decision to brush aside the concerns of his female former staffers-could cost Sanders the primary, said Bannon.

Over two dozen 2016 campaign staff alumni wrote a letter seeking a meeting with Sanders to "discuss the issue of sexual violence and harassment on the 2016 campaign, for the goal of planning to mitigate the issue in the upcoming presidential cycle".

Chuck Todd asked viewers if Senator Bernie Sanders had damaged a possible second presidential campaign over his response to accusations of sexual harassment on his previous 2016 bid. "To the women in that campaign who were harassed or mistreated I apologize". Earlier Thursday, reports surfaced that a top aide was accused of sexually assaulting a female subordinate.

A top adviser for Bernie Sanders' 2016 presidential campaign stands accused of forcibly kissing a woman staffer and making a reference to her riding his "pole" at a hookah bar after the Democratic National Convention had concluded, Politico reported Wednesday. Later, he grabbed her wrists and head, forcibly kissed her and put his tongue in her mouth, she and other witnesses alleged.

The People for Bernie Sanders and Organizing for Bernie, political action committees unaffiliated with a possible Sanders campaign, announced on Thursday that the 400 events prove there is already "an army of community led organizers already ramped up to put him miles ahead of other candidates in the 2020 race". This can't happen in 2020.

This comes just a week after Sanders acknowledged his campaign failed to handle allegations properly. The allegation, he wrote, is "at odds with my recollection of a late evening filled with many hugs and kisses and tears and conversations about what's next".

The allegations have cast a shadow on Sanders' potential 2020 run in a likely crowded field of Democratic contenders. Additionally, numerous women have complained they were paid less than men and forced into inappropriate and uncomfortable situations, according to The New York Times.

Once a Sanders supporter, the accuser now says the senator is unfit for the Oval Office. However, to the women who were allegedly harassed, he said that "what they experienced was absolutely unacceptable and certainly not what a progressive campaign, or any campaign, should be about". But he also apologized to "any woman who felt that she was not treated appropriately", adding that if he does decide to run again he would "do better".

"Clearly we need a cultural revolution in this country to change workplace attitudes and behavior".



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