Apple's greatest contribution to mankind will be health, says Tim Cook

Apple has a big new product coming this year - but it might not be what you expect

Apple is growing ambitious in the health sector as the company CEO Tim Cook has revealed that there will be more healthcare-related services this year. Despite some troubles in 2018, Cook is confident that 2019 will be a great year for Apple.

Earlier this week, at the Consumer Electronics Show, Apple's software was a key component of product announcements made by other manufacturers, illustrating the company's willingness to open its garden walls to make its services more widely available.

This was the second year in a row that Cook saw a hefty rise in his pay cheque. He added that Apple Watch and AirPods now have a revenue that's 50 percent more than iPod at its peak.

Cook also highlighted the importance that Apple's services such as iTunes, the App Store, and Apple Music will have in 2019.

But those products and services aren't enough to be "Apple's greatest contribution to mankind", as Cook said. "We achieved net sales of $265.6 billion and operating income of $70.9 billion, each representing a year-over-year increase of 16 percent, and exceeding the 2018 maximum annual cash incentive program goals for both of those performance measures", the document said.

However, this TV service, or Apple Videos, is just one service, and Tim Cook was specific in using the plural.

This strong sales performance Apple posted during the most part of 2018 was also cited as a reason by its compensation committee to justify the $12-million bonus paid to Cook.

Cook says he expects the talks between China and the United States to come to a conclusion soon, meaning iPhone sales could once again go up in this particular market.

Apple then hit back by telling Reuters that, "Qualcomm is desperate to obfuscate the tales it has been telling its investors".

According to the Nikkei, the company has asked its suppliers to produce less of its iPhone XS, XS Max and XR models than originally planned. He views Qualcomm's actions regarding patents and licensing as illegal.