Apple addresses bent iPad Pro controversy with new support page

AG Drive really benefits from greater immersion on a curved iPad

Although this may explain a minor bend on some of its iPad Pro tablets, it doesn't help to explain the overall weak and easily bent structure of the device itself.

Apple is no stranger to controversy. Apple responded to these complaints by saying that the iPad Pro's unibody design "meets or exceeds" all of its high standards. Further, Apple notes that the perceived bend is only visible on account of the device's revamped form factor.

The page states that the LTE models were manufactured using a process called co-molding. Again, a 400 micron tolerance has been specified, which Apple says is no thicker than "four sheets of paper".

According to the page, the new iPad design and antenna lines may make "subtle deviations in flatness" more perceptible to the naked eye.

Not surprisingly, Apple's support document echoes previous remarks made by Dan Riccio, Apple's Senior VP of hardware engineering. And, while Apple says there's a factory allowed variance of 400 microns, it's possible that some devices are slipping through the testing process.

If you want to buy the 256 GB model then it's $799 on Apple website but Amazon is offering 512 GB for the same price. "After the plastic cools, the entire enclosure is finished with a precision CNC machining operation, yielding a seamless integration of plastic and aluminum into a single, strong enclosure". When the new iPad Pro was released late a year ago, there was no doubt it's a great device but the price was quite eye-watering. Instead of the curved edges found on previous-generation iPad models, the new iPad Pros feature a rectangular design with straight edges.

Last September I wondered if an iPad - with iOS 11 and the Files app - might replace my MacBook.

This is the most powerful iPad Pro with A10X Fusion Chip, Touch ID, Retina Display, True Tone, 4 Speakers and offers 10 hours of battery life. Interestingly, as the Verge notes, Apple doesn't include any images in the advisory about what "400 microns of deviation" looks like.

All these iPad Pros (from both 2017 and 2018) are available in Wi-Fi only or cellular and Wi-Fi versions, so you can pay extra if you need 4G connectivity on the go. The newer 2018 Apple Pencil is a much more appealing proposition, with wireless magnetic charging and the way it just clips to the side of the iPad Pro rather than having to be plugged awkwardly into a port.

Apple gives its iPads and its MacBook Air a makeover in a bid to get you to take them more seriously.