Alleged R. Kelly Victims to Present Evidence for Prosecution for Sexual Abuse

R. Kelly performs at the BET Awards in Los Angeles

"I was sickened. I was sickened by the allegations, I was sickened as a survivor, I was sickened as a mother, I'm sickened as a prosecutor", she said of the docuseries.

As it stands, Kelly has yet to speak to the allegations since the documentary has aired. Kelly, who turned 52 on Tuesday, has denied wrongdoing. The Savages claim they have not seen their daughter in two years. Russell allegedly sent text messages the morning of the premiere of "Surviving R. Kelly" that read "it would be best for him and his family if the documentary does not air".

It is unclear if investigators have had contact with Kelly or his attorneys.

Chris Hopper, a spokesman, for the Fulton County district attorney's office, declined to comment.

But Foxx also said there's no active investigation of Kelly and launching one would require victims and witnesses. The office said it is "reviewing and following up" on the calls, but has no additional information at this time.

Kelly's Chicago attorney Steve Greenberg told The Hollywood Reporter that the claims raised during the series as just "another round of stories" in order to "fill reality TV time". The alleged incident went down in May 2018, and Timothy Savage made a report to police in Henry County.

The report states Russell called Savage while the officer was there, and Savage put the phone on speaker.

Foxx stated that her office has been in contact with Chicago police, who say that they have performed wellness checks at various locations linked to Kelly. "We do not tolerate bullying or sharing someone's private contact information and take action on content that violates our policies as soon as we're aware". Savage claims his daughter is being held against her will by R. Kelly and Mason threatened him for speaking out about it. Gaga and Kelly filmed a music video for it that was reportedly scrapped in light of the allegations around both Kelly and the video's director, Terry Richardson.

The case was presented to a Magistrate Judge who issued a warrant in July, citing "terroristic threats and acts". The Henry County Sheriff's Office said no one by that name has been arrested since the warrant was issued a year ago. Rather, he was acquitted on child pornography charges in 2008.

The fallout from Lifetime's Surviving R. Kelly continues to play out.

Kelly has two weeks to pay up the $80,000 he owes for the property on the west side of Chicago.