YouTube Rewind 2018 sucks, according to A LOT of fans

People aren’t happy about the star featuring at the expense of You Tubers

Will Smith is the biggest celeb to have joined YouTube in 2018 and with his bungee jump bday celebration, it made sense to have him kick things off. The uber-popular YouTuber sparked more than backlash when he posted a video of an actual suicide victim while hiking through Japan's Aokigahara forest, also known as "Suicide Forest". This time around, online gaming mega-sensation Fortnite provides the backdrop, with content creators dropping into a jungle setting via the game's preferred form of group transit: a school bus hot air balloon.

We knew the series was popular, but we had no idea that the show was so well-regarded that it would end up on YouTube's list of the top trending videos for 2018.

The video which was posted on February 4, 2018, has been viewed 76,828,640 times. If you're looking to catch up on 2018's hottest memes and trends or relive your favorites, look no further.

Billed by the participants as "the biggest YouTube event in history", there's no denying that this fight dominated headlines this year.

In 2017, Disney dropped YouTube vlogger Felix Kjellberg, known as "PewDiePie", from its collection of YouTube channels called Maker Studios.

Check out YouTube Rewind below.

'Youtube Rewind is getting more bad, that it made a year ago a masterpiece.

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Everyone Controls Rewind, which was uploaded on 6 December, already stands as the second most disliked YouTube video ever, with more than 4 and a half million dislikes.

Meanwhile, Ariana Grande's pop-culture-inflected video for "Thank U, Next", which dropped November 30, broke the YouTube record for most views in 24 hours (with 55.4 million).

Ministry of amusing was the only Singaporean channel selected for You-Tube's global initiative, Creators for Change, which highlights creators who tackle tough issues in society and make a positive impact globally.

Though YouTube said its content creators "controlled" the direction of its roundup, the platform's community largely-and vehemently-disagrees.



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