Watch The Game Awards 2018 Live Stream!

Watch The Game Awards 2018 Live Stream Here, Get All the New Game Reveals

The stream is viewable on MLG, Twitter, Twitch, Facebook, Mixer, Steam TV, PlayStation 4, and Xbox Live, and more.

We already know the nominees of this years Game Awards.

With supposedly more than ten unannounced games to be revealed, a host of content and announcements for existing ones, and a timeslot that actually suits Australians, The Game Awards is always worth a watch.

If you're after awards darling Red Dead Redemption 2, Amazon has it for just $69.00, cheaper then Sony's sale price. Clicking the above link also allows you to cast a ballot for The Game Awards, and help influence the results. So, let's take a look at what we can definitely expect, and what we hope to see, at The Game Awards 2018.

"Thursday during The Game Awards don't miss a Fortnite announcement and world premiere from Epic's Donald Mustard".

Keighley also told that there will be a "ton" of games that will be announced during the show and then launched straight after as a way to keep viewers further engaged.

Along with the ceremony, The Game Awards will also be littered with performances and reveals. Be sure to tune in on your prefered streaming platform for all the news, updates and performances.



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