UFC 232 to be moved from Las Vegas to Los Angeles

Jon Jones

"Jon Jones has trained for this fight", he said.

Earlier tonight news broke that former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones UFC 232 USADA drug test came out abnormal, found trace amount of the same Turinabol metabolite that "Bones" had popped in his system following a Daniel Cormier fight at UFC 214 past year. Either scenario leaves myself and a number of other fighters whose careers have been similarly damaged by past testing claims to wonder what this says about USADA's consistency and their tests' reliability. It is the same drug that Jones was sanctioned over after testing positive in July previous year, copping a 15-month ban.

This latest shift in USADA's position would seem to suggest one of two possibilities...

"And all of them, independent of us, determined that this was not a re-ingestion of the substance and this very, very small amount that was occurring and still showing up, according to these expects from around the world, did not provide any performance-enhancing benefit".

UFC President Dana White said he believed Jones hadn't done "anything wrong".

"He was willing to jump on a plane yesterday and go take a drug test - like, immediately".

Well, for all those not named Jon Jones. The California State Athletic Commission, however, said it will approve a license for Jones, that report says.

Interestingly, Daniel Cormier seemed to appreciate this message.

Gustaffson led the criticism of Jones as the news of the venue switch emerged on Sunday, saying: 'Now we all understand why u didn't take the Wada test!

Jones clapped back at Cormier on Instagram, writing: "I could slap your wife on the a- and you could literally do nothing about it".

For those who may jump the gun in labeling Jones as dirty once again, Foster simply referred to the former light heavyweight champ as a "clean athlete".

Cormier replied: "You couldn't do s-- you steroid abusing Junkie!" And I didn't respond I'm not helping you sell your bum a- fight you drug abusing steroid cheat. USADA does not consider that a positive test, because it's been ruled to have been a result of the original failed test in 2017, but apparently the process following such a flagged test to get a license from the NSAC won't be able to be completed in time for the fight.

"After extensive analysis of Mr Jones' prior 18 months of USADA in- and out-of-competition anti-doping drug-testing results, director Bennett, chair Marnell and Mr Jones agree that he will appear at an evidentiary hearing in January".



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