Tom Cruise's Impassioned Twitter Plea May Solve A Common Problem

Tom Cruise Is Here to Tell You to Turn Off Your TV's Motion Smoothing Setting Damn It

Motion smoothing, also known as video interpolation, is a digital effect included on your home television that may be making your film-watching experience less than ideal.

At the time of writing, Cruise's PSA already has nearly 2 million views, so we're guessing Motion Smoothing is getting deselected in droves across the world.

"The unfortunate side effect is that it makes most movies look like they were shot on high speed video rather than film", Cruise says.

The PSA was filmed by the pair on set their upcoming collaboration, Top Gun: Maverick. This is decidedly not what the filmmaker intended, and Cruise and McQuarrie want to make sure it doesn't impact any home viewings of Mission: Impossible - Fallout on Blu-ray.

Cruise is correct. Motion smoothing-often referred to as the "soap opera effect"-is meant to "reduce motion blur in sporting events and other high definition programs", and according to McQuarrie, goes by a number of different names".

In the video posted on Tuesday, Mr Cruise added: "Filmmakers are working with manufacturers to change the way video interpolation is activated on your television, giving you easier access and greater choice on when to use this feature".

If you haven't fiddled around with the settings on your TV, there's a good chance motion smoothing is switched on by default.

Immediately after Cruise and McQuarrie's PSA went live, filmmakers like Rian Johnson, Mindy Kaling, and Ben Stiller, as well as regular internet people, began chiming in to thank them for sharing.

The video sent ripples through Hollywood, with many praising Cruise and McQuarrie for their efforts.

"Turn off motion smoothing [your brand of TV here]".



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