Tom Brady ties Peyton Manning's all-time, all-games touchdown record

Tom Brady Refused To Step Backwards On A Kneel Down To Keep His 1,000 Yard Rushing Milestone

ESPN Stats & Information said that entering Sunday, Brady had lost 160 rushing yards to kneel downs since 2006, the year plays began being classified as such.

Brady is 31 touchdown passes shy of Manning's all-time regular-season mark (539), though New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees (518) appears more likely to reach that milestone first. But hopefully I can make a couple plays.

"Obviously, I'm not a scrambler". They blocked their tails off today against a good front.

Brady cared so much about the achievement, that he even made sure he was going forward when taking a knee at the end of the game, and pointed to the ref to make sure it wasn't counted as a loss. "That wasn't really a difference in the game".

Bill Belichick couldn't wait to heap effusive praise on Brady for the hard-earned benchmark.

"I've kind of inched along there for a long time", he said earlier. "That's it. I'm out". I'm out! Time to ride off into the sunset.

As Brady got into his auto, he shut the trolling down and said there's still work to do.

Tom Brady entered Sunday's game against the Vikings with 995 rushing yards in his career and with a five-yard scamper in the first quarter found himself sitting at 1,000 yards on the dot.



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