Teasers] Niantic bringing PvP to 'Pokémon GO' by year's end

Pokemon Go PvP Mode

While Pokemon GO players have been begging for PvP since day one (it was featured in the trailer, after all, and has been a major feature of the Pokemon franchise since the beginning), Niantic has been dragging its heels.

The team behind Pokemon Go has been talking about adding player vs. player battles to the game for years. Following the response to the initial tweet, Niantic released some more information on the system in a series of tweets. The Great league has a CP cap of 1,500 for each Pokemon, Ultra has one of 2,500, and Master has no limit. Included in today's drip feed of news was the fact that Trainer Battles will be divided up into three Battle Leagues.

Along with the legendary pokemon, "Pokemon Go" players will encounter familiar field research tasks which Niantic have chosen based on their popularity with players.

Before entering into a battle, players will select the Great League, the Ultra League, or the Master League. While the company promised the feature, it never seemed to make any progress towards an actual PvP mode. Niantic has addressed the first two issues in the months since launch, but it was still unclear when player vs. player battles would be added to the game. We've sort of seen a glimpse at how this could potentially work by the latest releases of Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee on the Nintendo Switch.



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