Smash Bros. Ultimate's newest DLC fighter is Persona 5's Joker

Smash Bros. Ultimate's newest DLC fighter is Persona 5's Joker

Ultimate, which will include four other fighters in the near future.

We'll dive deep into the history of the characters from the original Super Smash Bros. for the N64 all the way to Super Smash Bros. Joker, the protagonist of Persona 5, will be playable in the new fighting game, the launch of which is just minutes away.

But what there was, was a reveal of the first paid-for DLC for Super Smash Bros. As I'm typing this, Smash Ultimate is now the highest-rated game in the history of the franchise.

For the time being, however, Persona fans have been going insane over the news that Joker is Smash bound.

Nintendo announced in their last Nintendo Direct that there would be at least five DLC "Challenger Packs" but at the time didn't say what any of them would contain (although they did hint that one would be based around Xenoblade Chronicles 2). The quirky new fighter is set to release sometime in February.

Joker will be the first DLC character released for the game (outside of Piranha Plant) and will come included in Challenge Pack 1.

Ultimate. Enjoy the video and don't forget to subscribe to TheGamer for more Super Smash Bros. content! Ultimate. With the biggest roster ever, including the return of every past character, Smash Ultimate hopes to live up to its name.



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