Prince William says Kate Middleton looks like a Christmas tree

Duke of Cambridge

Tabloids had claimed that Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, had gotten upset with Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, over how she treated Kate's staff. And this was certainly true at the festive celebration they hosted on December 4 at Kensington Palace.

William and Kate flew into RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus for a brief visit on Wednesday afternoon to show their support for military personnel who will not be coming back to their families in the United Kingdom for the festive period.

The Daily Mail reports that the parents of three chatted with the families about their own tykes.

"Do you want me to move out of the photo?" he asked with a smile. "I think some of the grandparents felt slightly bombarded".

Squadron leader Sarah Waghorn, a senior engineering officer with 11 Squadron, was one of those to get presents from home from Prince William.

The mom of Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis continued, explaining that the children who were there "had a lot of candies by the end of the day". The sugar highs ... there were a lot of marshmallows.

They're seeing troops who will spend the festive season away from their loved ones.

There's gratitude for you - you invite military families to a big Christmas party, and then someone thumps you with a snowball. She greeted onlookers at the wedding of Princess Eugenie, per E!

'Kate was asking Harry where his mummy and daddy were and she said to me it's quite a commitment but it was great for the family to have us pulling everything together. "They were so disappointed!" According to the Duke of Cambridge, he told his eldest son that they were going to see the pilots on that day, and he told his dad to take a picture of them.



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