'Phony' Russian probe a 'witch hunt' and presidential harassment: Donald Trump

Trump Claims His Approval Rating Would be 75% if Not for the 'Russian Witch Hunt'

Citing a recent poll published by Rasmussen Reports that claims Trump's approval is now at 50%, Trump suggested that it would be half as much higher if it were not for the investigation into Russian election interference led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

President Trump on Friday lashed out against the federal investigation into possible collusion between Russian Federation and Trump's 2016 election campaign, and publicly suggested Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein had a conflict of interest without offering any evidence. But he will appear for the closed-door testimony after Goodlatte agreed that the former Federal Bureau of Investigation head's remarks would be made public in their entirety and Comey is allowed to discuss the hearing publicly. "It's called Presidential Harassment!" he said.

Trump tweets: "Robert Mueller and Leakin' Lyin' James Comey are Best Friends, just one of many Mueller Conflicts of Interest".

President Donald Trump has reportedly taken great pride in his ceremonial decorum over the course of the past few days in the context of the passing of former President George H.W. Bush.

Manafort, who maintains he has been truthful with Mueller, managed Trump's campaign for three months in 2016.

Mueller's investigation has produced dozens of criminal charges and four guilty pleas from Trump associates.

Mueller is expected to recommend a sentence for Trump's former "fixer" and personal attorney, Michael Cohen, which will require him to reveal why he is asking for a specific sentence ahead of a federal judge's Tuesday final ruling.

President Donald Trump is marking what's expected to be a busy day for special counsel Robert Mueller's Russian Federation investigation by launching a Twitter broadside against the prosecutor and his team.

Cohen is hoping he will get similar credit, emphasizing in a court filing last week that his decision to cooperate came in the face of fierce criticism by Trump of Mueller's probe.



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