Packers fire Moss after tweet on coach search

Sean Payton'Do not get me started on Mike McCarthy's firing

Despite the New England Patriots offensive coordinator burning some bridges after backing out on a deal to join the Indianapolis Colts past year, it hasn't even taken one hiring cycle for McDaniels' name to resurface as a candidate. McDaniels has previously said that he aims to become a head coach once again. "All of those things, but I'm disappointed in that news with Mike, and what else do you say?" That's right, double-digit years of service with Green Bay and now he's on his way out. "But again, I'm not anxious about that right now". McDaniels also figures to be a good candidate for the Cleveland Browns.

During a Tuesday conference call, McDaniels acknowledged that becoming an National Football League head coach again is something he'd like to accomplish. "This is a big challenge for us".

"All the other stuff is just - it is what it is", McDaniels added. "We try to stay in the moment". I have great confidence in this organization. Sandwiching that tenure, McDaniels has been with the Patriots, where he has helped them win five Super Bowls. Hopefully McCarthy, who served as the Saints' offensive coordinator from 2000 to 2004, will land on his feet.

Given Kraft said the same thing when asked about McDaniels, we only can assume they were reading from the same script ... until the Patriots owner made a decision to ad lib and revealed his true feelings on the subject. Not long after spurning Indianapolis, McDaniels signed a new contract with the Patriots.



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