Obsidian's making a first person sci-fi game called The Outer Worlds

Outer Worlds

It does seem to lean towards some dark humor, however. So basically - as a fan - I'm saying that Obsidian's new IP is the game of the games that we're never going to get all wrapped into one conveniently packaged RPG experience! "It affects everything in the game - the setting, the characters, the dialogs".

Obsidian and Private Division have officially unveiled "The Outer Worlds", an ambitious single-player sci-fi RPG set within a large-scale galaxy that's gradually being taken over by corporations. Exploring the far reaches of space, you'll encounter different factions, all of which are competing for power. The team that created Fallout and developed Fallout: New Vegas could very possibly deliver a massive hit. Although, it's not clear if this will be impacted by the companies recent acquisition by Microsoft. But, it doesn't tell us much in the way of what this game will be.

In a tweet published earlier this week, Geoff Keighley (presenter and driving force behind the massive show) announced there would be no less than TEN new game announcements at the show.

Something to look forward to: If you are among the many gamers who were disappointed with the release of Bethesda's Fallout 76, Obsidian's latest game reveal might come as a breath of fresh air. And the new RPG, coming in 2019, is giving us serious Fallout-in-space vibes.



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