Microsoft to rebuild Edge with Chrome technology

Mozilla is deeply concerned about Microsoft killing EdgeHTML

While it's not clear yet when Microsoft Edge will become available on macOS, early estimates predict that it could arrive sometime in 2019. "Belfiore wrote that Microsoft "[expected] this work to enable us to bring Microsoft Edge to other platforms like macOS", though no specific timeline has yet been offered for when that may happen.

Microsoft has officially confirmed that its floundering Edge web browser will be rebuilt on the Chromium rendering engine, which is the same code that Google's Chrome web browser uses. In recent times, under the stewardship of Satya Nadella, the firm has warmed to open source to become one of the world's largest supporters of such projects, and here is another step down that avenue.

However, still we don't have much concrete information about this new version of Windows OS of the tech giant Mircosoft, but everything points to the tech giant Microsoft might be preparing to release this new version of Windows in the near future which is named as Windows Lite as we told earlier and not only that even this new version of Windows should be created to compete directly with the tech giant Google's well-known operating system, of course, I am talking about none other than the ChromeOS.

Microsoft Edge will now be delivered and updated for all supported versions of Windows and on a more frequent cadence. As it works much more than the operating system for personal computers, the tech giant Microsoft also took this system to XBox and even to mobile devices as well.

If you're the type who likes to get eyes on beta versions of software before it hits the masses, there's also an Insider Program for the Edge browser.

This will also mean the new version of Edge will be updated more frequently.

Microsoft officials haven't said when they expect the new Edge to roll out to the mainstream, but it won't be anytime very soon, based on this schedule. Microsoft plans to release Microsoft Edge, the new version that is based on Chromium, for all supported versions of Windows.

Microsoft is announcing big changes for the default browser in Windows 10 today.

While this move will nearly certainly make Edge more popular (to be fair, it couldn't really get any more unpopular), and widen its audience to new platforms, not everyone is happy with this move. Microsoft, like every other browser maker, has long claimed that its offering is the best-performing and most full-featured on the market. Would you give the new Edge a try?

Belfiore points out this isn't Microsoft's first foray into open source browsers.

Microsoft is set to abandon its Edge web browser and develop a new "Anaheim" browser based on the same underlying technology as Google's Chrome, it has been claimed. As far as the users are concerned, nothing really is going to change on the surface (no pun intended) and Edge will continue to operate as before, just with better compatibility.



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