Kelly expected to depart White House amid Trump shake-up

Kelly expected to depart White House amid Trump shake-up

Kelly wasn't seen at the White House during the day on Friday, but did attend a senior staff dinner in the evening, one of the people said.

But in recent months, Kelly is reported to have clashed with First Lady Melania Trump, with tension between the pair reportedly angering the president. Former White House Counsel Don McGahn was likewise forced out of his job after it was reported that he had cooperated extensively in Mueller's probe.

President Trump is expected to nominate General Mark Milley, who now serves as Army Chief of Staff.

Most of the other witnesses interviewed were connected to Trump's campaign, but Kelly didn't join the administration until after the president was sworn in in January 2017. The lights were off in his West Wing office.

Among White House officials, however, there is broad consensus that his days as chief of staff are numbered.

Task & Purpose contacted several officials at the Defense Department and military services, but none of them had been informed about Trump's pending announcement. Rumors of Kelly's departure have been circulating since last month's midterm elections. But President Donald Trump is apparently treating the retired Marine general like he's already gone. But this past summer, Kelly sought to quiet speculation that he was nearing the exit because of tensions with Trump by telling senior staff that he meant to remain as chief of staff through Trump's 2020 reelection campaign.

The report, based on three sources, said the questions narrowly focused on President Trump's possible obstruction issues that Mueller is said to be investigating.

Trump had nothing but praise for the two new Cabinet members who he announced Friday he would nominate. Investigators reportedly wanted to know about reports that Trump had attempted to fire the special prosecutor.



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