Jennifer Aniston kinda offended Dolly Parton by naming a dog after her

Aniston stars as a beauty pageant mum in Dumplin

Willowdean doesn't care that her mother was herself a teen beauty queen back in her days but everything around her changes when she meets a handsome guy, Bo (Luke Benward), who shows interest in dating her.

On the talk show, she shocked everyone including Jimmy, with comments about her husband, Carl Thomas Dean, and his reaction to her working alongside Jennifer Aniston on the Netflix movie, Dumplin'.

Jennifer was asked about Dolly's remark during an interview with USA Today shortly after the programme aired, and admitted she was left gobsmacked by the quip.

She continued: "It was hilarious, I think it's flattering. This is a bad idea, go home", Willowdean tells her. "And then I laughed my (butt) off".

"(I was so nervous) but I sang through it and then got my voice. The way she stops to breathe after a sweet interaction with her crush, the way she watches the Dolly queens with tears in her eyes, and the way she bottles up the unspoken judgement from her mother are all on display in a way that is tender and heart-wrenching and ultimately triumphant. "But Dolly was saying 'You're doing fine, you're doing great, just go for it!'" recalls Macdonald.

"I didn't even know the rumor that it was going to be taken away, so this is all news to me", she said. She then played us the whole soundtrack, and she would tell us how each song came about and what inspired her to write it.

She adds: "Dolly is very cool".

Macdonald has been based in LA since wowing critics in the acclaimed Patti Cake$, in which she played an American teen rapper.

"I find it awesome that it's continued to have such love and such an audience and such an appetite for it", Aniston told The Associated Press Thursday at the premiere of her Netflix film "Dumplin'".

What Movies Will It Remind You Of?: It's easy to compare Dumplin' to Netflix's controversial show Insatiable, about a girl who loses weight and enters a beauty pageant as revenge.



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