India’s Do Not Disturb App is finally approved for iOS’ App Store

TRAI’s DND app is free to download on App Store for iPhones and iPads

The app, backed by India's telecom regulator TRAI, helps consumers manage unwanted calls and text messages. The iPhone and iPad users will be able to download and install the TRAI-DND app in their devices for free from the iOS App Store.

According to the Telegraph, the apps were banned for ignoring Apple rules that require updates be performed through the App Store. Apple doesn't allow third-party apps to access call and messaging data, something TRAI wanted to develop the DND app.

Apple was slow to adopt Indias “TRAI DND” (as the app is called) and the TRAI – Indian telecom regulator threatened to ban iPhones from Indian networks if Apple didnt approve the app before January 2019.

Now, Apple has approved TRAI's DND app, which is available for download on the App Store as "TRAI DND - Do Not Disturb".

Apple is now hosting the app- "TRAI DND-Do Not Disturb"- as long as it does not compromise Apple's privacy norms and also meets Trai's objectives. But, it was initially available for Android on Google Play, as Apple, which is very strict on user privacy refused the entry of the DND app in the iOS App Store, as it deemed the application to be intrusive and it used to ask for access to messages and call details.

The app now lets customers register their number for do-not-disturb (DND) service to avoid getting calls from telemarketers.

Back in 2017, Apple removed several popular virtual private network (VPN) apps from the Chinese App Store, which are a popular way of circumventing the country's 'Great Firewall'.

After users send an SMS via the app, they will need to go into DND settings on the OS and switch on DND.



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