Here's When to Expect AirPods 2, Wireless Charging Case

Apple Air Pod 2 rumors

This time frame was reported by TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo via 9To5Mac. This could also simply mean that the upgraded models may come along with a wireless charging case. Apple already "announced" such a case a year ago, along with the AirPower wireless charging mat.

With the arrival of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X past year, Apple introduced wireless charging to its devices. On the contrary, the AirPods 2 sales could hit 55 million units in 2019, with the same doubling to 110 million in 2020 when the new AirPods sporting a new design hits the market.

However, what the brand new AirPods that is due post-2020 will look like is unknown at the moment though it is expected to have a complete redesign of sorts.

Kuo also said that the new pair of AirPods will have upgraded Bluetooth specs, but he didn't provide any specific information on that.

Apple talked about AirPower at an event over a year ago, boasting that the mat would allow users to place devices anywhere on the mat and charge multiple devices at once. According to him, Apple is gearing up to launch the updated AirPods with a propriety case that supports wireless charging as well. Bluetooth 5.0 also includes a longer range and faster data transfer speed, which could improve audio streaming performance. But there's no mention of an actual wireless charging pad to, ya know, charge your AirPods.

Apple said in 2017 that it was preparing a new version of its wireless earbuds that will support wireless charging, but they haven't been released yet.

It sounds like there won't be next-generation Apple AirPods during the holiday shopping season. Earlier, the patent stated the Apple AirPods to feature biometrics and noise cancellation features.



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