Google Hangouts To Bid GoodBye By 2020

Google is reportedly shuttting down Hangouts in 2020

Whether or not that holds up remains to be seen, and Google isn't officially saying anything about the app's future, but the writing has been on the wall since. forever?

Google will reportedly kill off its Hangouts chat app in 2020.

According to a source familiar with Hangouts' roadmap (courtesy of 9To5Google), the service will be shutting down for good in 2020. As 9to5Google noted, there hasn't been any movement on development for the app in some time, and Google removed Hangouts' support for SMS in May of past year.

While consumers may lose the well-known chat app, Hangouts will live on for enterprise users as Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet.

The old Hangouts service was just a relic waiting to be killed, and now the multicoloured grim reaper has drawn its scythe. After years of indications that such a move could be imminent, Google may finally be shutting down its Hangouts platform for consumers.

Although Hangout is not something as popular as WhatsApp, or even Facebook Messenger, it integrates with Gmail and hence used by a lot of particular, it is a handy tool for workplaces where Gmail is often in use. Is it past time for the app to go, or is Hangouts your go-to chat platform?

Google is now working on a new messaging app that will support Rich Communications Services (RCS), making SMS nearly WhatsApp like. Google never revealed the total number of Hangouts users though. In the consumer market, Google has turned its focus on RCS and its Messages app.

A spokesperson for Google didn't immediately return Gizmodo's request for comment about the report, but we'll update this post if we hear back.



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