Former Universities Minister Says PM's Deal "Isn't A Deal"

Leading Brexiter Liam Fox urges support for May’s deal | Financial Times

The likelihood of rejection could increase Monday if Labour is successful in forcing May to reveal the full legal advice she sought before agreeing the deal with European leaders last month.

The News Letter reports that Sammy Wilson has said Mrs May will be exposed as a "liar" if the government releases its full legal advice.

The opposition Labour Party says it will look for the government to be held in contempt of parliament if the full text is not released, saying MPs need all available information ahead of next week's historic Brexit vote.

The shadow Brexit secretary said: "It seems to me that if the prime minister has lost a vote of that sort of significance then there has to be a question of confidence in the Government".

He said the EU's demands on fisheries needed swift resolution after 29 March 2019 or the talks on a wider trade deal would fail, leaving the United Kingdom in the "backstop" customs union envisioned in the withdrawal agreement.

"The backstop will last indefinitely until it is superseded by the treaty setting out our future relationship, unless the European Union allows us to exit", he told The Sunday Times.

If true, the Government would abandon the vote on Friday - just two sitting days before the December 11 date, according to The Sun.

She told Sky News' Sophy Ridge on Sunday: "I would certainly vote against any motion of no confidence in the Government".

"If this deal is rejected in the Commons we are left with, as was already stressed a few weeks ago by Prime Minister May, an alternative - no deal or no Brexit at all".

The backstop is created to prevent a hard border between European Union member the Republic of Ireland, and Brexiting Northern Ireland - which many fear could lead to a return to violence in the region.

Wright told BBC radio on Saturday that people rejecting May's deal should compare it to the alternatives, and not an "idealized" vision of Brexit.

"The principle problem I have with it, is that it isn't a deal", he said.

In this scenario - which will come into effect if a sufficient new UK-EU trading relationship isn't in ready by the end of the transition period - the UK would have a reduced ability to sign new trade deals and Northern Ireland would be in parts of the single market, creating controversial new checks between Northern Ireland and Great Britain. "I think it is inevitable we will move that", Starmer said.

"We can sit in the backstop and say "no, absolutely not". We have got him over a barrel of herring and a barrel of mackerel.

The MPs now have to calculate whether they, or Mrs May and her ministers, are more likely to be blamed for the failure should they refuse the deal she is selling (was the parrot dead, or did you kill it?).

However, Starmer said seeking a confidence vote against May would be inevitable if she loses the Brexit vote.

Business Insider revealed that Gyimah will be the next Tory MP to officially back the People's Vote campaign for another referendum, joining Jo Johnson who also quit government to back the campaign this month.



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