Finding your favorite tunes just got easier in Android Auto

All you need to see on one screen

The idea, obviously, is to allow you to choose music or audiobooks to listen to quickly, minimizing the time you're messing with Android Auto's interface with your eyes off the road.

Google this week unveiled a new series of features for Android Auto to make it easier to view messages or search for music, books and podcasts while you're on the move.

Second, Google is improving the messaging experience.

Next is messaging. Using Messages, WhatsApp, or Hangouts and others, you can now get a preview of the text when you're stopped on the drive.

The new media features are now available for Google Play Books, Google Play Music, iHeartRadio, Pocket Casts, and Spotify, with more supported apps coming soon.

Let us know if you're seeing the equalizer setting on your YouTube Music app!

Just ask for music
Just ask for

Today, Google is pushing updates to media and messaging on the Auto platform. Additionally, the voice search has been improved so you can ask Google to play a specific artist, playlist, or genre with a simple voice search.

The text preview feature only works in Hangouts and WhatsApp right now, but is a welcomed addition to everyone who has been frustrated by only getting messages in audio form even when the vehicle is stopped.

Android Auto now supports RCS and MMS, which means you can now chat with Google's Chat app on Android, aka the default messaging app.

While Android Auto offers solid and safe access to much of the audio-only media on your phone while you're driving, finding that flawless track or album can sometimes be a wee bit clumsy.

Do you use Android Auto?

Android Auto is getting new features, while Google partner Volvo unveils its new Android infotainment system. The updates will roll out in the next few days.



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