Electrified DB6 previews reversible EV powertrain

Aston Martin Heritage EV Concept Front Three Quarter Look

Aston Martin is following Jaguar's lead with a reversible electric vehicle conversion for classic models, and the first to receive the treatment is a 1970 DB6 MkII Volante. The unit - which Gaydon hasn't provided any images of just yet - also powers the DB6's existing electrical systems.

This is a pretty big step for the world of classic auto electric conversions, with customers now able to go to Aston Martin itself to ensure their car's history is preserved post-conversion. Fitted to the DB6 MkII Volante you see here, it's described as a "self-contained cell" that handily sits on the original mountings for the engine and gearbox.

Jaguar recently slotted an electric motor into the legendary E-Type Convertible before letting it loose at Prince Harry and Meghan's wedding, while brands like Volkswagen, Peugeot and Honda have revealed modern, electrified takes on their classic models. Indeed, the EV powertrain conversion can be reversed at any time if the owner wishes. The cassette also features power cords which supply electricity to the car's electrical system and the entire energy management system can be monitored via a dedicated screen that has been discreetly mounted in the cabin. Developed around a so-called "cassette" EV powertrain, the objective is to mitigate any future legislation to restrict the use of classic cars by offering a zero emissions conversion.

"We are very aware of the environmental and social pressures that threaten to restrict the use of classic cars in the years to come", said Andy Palmer, Aston Martin Lagonda president.

"Production versions of the revolutionary EV cassette will include key components from the Rapide E program", the company said.

"Driving a classic Aston Martin on pure EV power is a unique experience and one that will no doubt be extremely attractive to many owners, especially those who live in city centres". Heritage EV conversions are expected to start in 2019.



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