Chevrolet Silverado HD looks as brutish and bulky as ever

2020 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

Standard will be an all-new gasoline V-8 with direct injection mated to a six-speed automatic transmission, while the optional powertrain will be the turbo-diesel Duramax V-8 engine mated to a new Allison 10-speed automatic transmission.

Chevrolet has revealed its latest heavy-duty truck, with the 2020 Silverado HD promising more flexibility and a beefy new aesthetic. According to the automaker, only the roof is common with the Silverado 1500.

"We know the needs and priorities of heavy-duty customers are different than those of either light-duty or medium-duty customers", Jaclyn McQuaid, chief engineer on Silverado HD, said of the new model. "The result is a truck that looks like a piece of heavy machinery with modern, chiseled finishes and customer-focused details", said Brian Izard, lead exterior designer for Silverado HD.

Chevrolet says that the cab shares the same kind of improvements as the light-duty model does, with 3 inches more legroom for passengers and a taller, more upright driving position.

Velma Bronn Johnston and Ford Mustang
Velma Bronn Johnston and Ford Mustang

The heavy-duty version of the Silverado will be revealed in full next year, but Chevrolet has released a handful of images along with some interesting details about the vehicle. Its massive grille, bisected by some of the largest branding this side of a Dreamliner, feeds one of two new engines.

Under the hood, the 2020 Silverado HD will get two engine choices. Chevrolet told us that the Silverado HD will not be on display at the Detroit auto show in January.

There is no information on the load capabilities of the truck, Chevrolet saying only that there will be "significant increases in towing and payload capabilities." .

When the 2020 Silverado HD debuts in February 2019 it will be the most capable and most advanced Silverado HD ever. It will be built at the company's Flint Assembly Plant in Flint, Michigan alongside Chevy's other line of Silverado pickups.



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