Blonde 'n' Hard-Working: What Propelled Ex-Fox Nauert to UN Role?

Heather Nauert's nomination to the UN post would need Senate approval

Two administration officials confirmed Mr Trump's plans.

A Republican congressional aide said the president was expected to announce his decision by tweet on Friday morning. The officials were not authorised to speak publicly before Mr Trump's announcement.

Nauert's appointment would reinforce the link between Fox News and Trump, who has been accused of turning to the conservative-leaning channel, rather than experts, for policy advice.

According to Daniel Benjamin, a state department counterterrorism coordinator during the Barack Obama administration, Nauert's appointment shows that Trump and his top officials are looking to firmly control USA foreign policy.

"Heather Nauert will be nominated for the ambassador to the United Nations", Trump told reporters on his way to Marine One on Friday.

She also got a major promotion, becoming the acting under-secretary for public diplomacy and public affairs, the fourth highest official at the State Department.

Unlike the current ambassador, Nikki Haley, Nauert is not expected to be given cabinet status, downgrading the role to being largely a mouthpiece for the secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, and the national security adviser, John Bolton - both of whom are deeply sceptical of the UN's usefulness.

Plucked from Fox by the White House to serve as State Department spokeswoman, Nauert catapulted into the upper echelons of the agency's hierarchy when Tillerson was sacked in March and replaced with Mike Pompeo.

He said that Haley has done a great job in the role, and he believes Nauert is "a very good choice in the same tradition". Mercedes Schlapp was a Fox News commentator before she too was hired to work in the White House communications office.

She will also have to deal with issues such as North Korea's nuclear program, Yemen's starvation as well as back US's effort's to contain Iran's influence over West Asia. She was in charge of the Global Engagement Center that fights extremist messaging from the Islamic State group and others, and she has a seat on the U.S. Agency for Global Media that oversees government broadcast networks such as Voice of America.

Just 18 months ago, she wasn't even in government.

As a Fox News host, Nauert once declared that she would buy Trump's daughter Ivanka's products after the chain of luxury department stores Nordstrom announced that it was closing down the line. "Heather plays a key role in advancing USA foreign policy & I look forward to her speedy confirmation".

Sen. Jeff Merkley of OR, the top Democrat on a Senate subcommittee that oversees America's relationship with the United Nations, slammed Trump's nomination of Nauert.

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