7 arrested by JMPD at Global Citizen Festival, says City

Beyonce will lead an all-star line-up at the concert.-File

Concert-goers had to wait several hours for transport to leave the almost 95,000-capacity FNB stadium in Soweto Sunday and there were reports of several muggings and assaults.

While the Global Citizen Festival went off largely without a hitch yesterday, there have been several reports of muggings after it ended.

Beyonce led an all-star line-up including Ed Sheeran, Jay-Z and Usher for the climax of a year of events celebrating the centennial of Mandela's birth in 1918, and to raise money for charity.

Johannesburg Member of the Mayoral Committee (MMC) for Public Safety, Cllr.

"The VOC team comprises of various stakeholders which include the event organisers, EMS, law enforcement agencies, health and transport departments from both local and provincial levels".

It said it urged South African police "to act swiftly and efficiently".

"The criminals were basically having a field day", said Zikhona Tshona, a reporter for the South African news organization eNCA.

Sun said, "We will be working closely with SAPS to assist with the investigation and we also need to understand the cause of the problem so we can avoid this kind of incidences from reoccurring in future". "Our first aid assisted her, as there were no police around", he said.

One man has been arrested in connection with incidents following the event, added Cele who spoke to journalists at an event in the southern city of Port Elizabeth.

He said there was a stampede when someone pulled out a gun.

"We find that there's a lot of communication taking place on the social media platform, but that is not being reported to us", said, Naidoo, adding that it is therefore "very hard for us to deny or even confirm that such things have happened". "The police and JMPD were responsible for the bylaws in the precinct and overall safety and security of the event".



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