YouTube possibly headed to the Nintendo Switch November 8th

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo's quarterly operating profit of 31 billion yen and revenue of 221 billion yen both had missed market projections.This has raised speculations whether Nintendo will be able to succeed with its Switch console.

Being a Nintendo Switch owner and not having the ability to browse through YouTube videos on my touchscreen handheld device is truly mind blowing. But that could all change with the launch of YouTube for the Switch, which is purportedly scheduled to launch as soon as this week.

Since then, many top-tier game titles were released for the hybrid console, though it still does not have some of the many popular apps that fans can find elsewhere. Nintendo has since removed the listing, which was captured by tipster NintendoHOME and shared on Twitter.

A Switch YouTube app would give a huge boost to Nintendo's console, and it may also be a precursor to even more streaming options.

Nintendo Switch supports just Hulu and NicoNico as video streaming apps as of now. The tweet is in French language but it is obvious that it is referring to the YouTube App.

Apparently, YouTube is coming to Nintendo Switch on November 8.

For whatever that's worth, a ResetEra moderator came into the thread to say that the information is in fact true. Hopefully, having YouTube on Switch opens the door for other requested apps such as Netflix, Twitch etc.

According to the tweet and the image that posted along with it, a YouTube app will land on the Switch this Thursday, November 8.

A major streaming service like YouTube will certainly be welcomed on the platform.



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