White House Revokes Press Pass Of CNN's Jim Acosta

Trump told Acosta to sit down and demanded someone take away his microphone. Image AFPMore

REPORTER'S WHITE HOUSE CREDENTIALS SUSPENDED: Just when you thought the White House's relationship with the media couldn't get worse, yesterday's press conference happened - the co-hosts react to Pres. Trump's confrontation with CNN's Jim Acosta.

"I'll tell you what, CNN should be ashamed of itself having you working for them", Trump said.

"I was seated next to ⁦Acosta⁩ at today's press conference and did not witness him "placing his hands" on the young intern, as the White House alleges", Reuters correspondent Jeff Mason wrote on Twitter.

The CNN media correspondent Brian Stelter asked Sanders for the source of the video.

CNN said in a statement that Sanders "lied" on Wednesday night.

Sanders has not confirmed the source of the video she tweeted.

Matt Dornic, a vice-president at CNN, said: "Absolutely shameful, @PressSec".

Later on November 7, the White House suspended Acosta's press pass. It purportedly shows the moment a White House intern attempted to take a microphone from Acosta during a heated exchange with the president.

Reporters and historians said it was hard to recall a similar episode. The video is clear. "We stand by our statement", Sanders told Fox News when reached for comment. In his thread, he's retracted the claim and said that Sanders merely shared InfoWars' doctored version.

"The only editing done to this clip is that it is zoomed in", Watson wrote.

Side-by-side comparisons support claims from fact-checkers and experts such as Jonathan Albright, research director of the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia University, who argued that crucial parts of the video appear to have been altered so as to distort the action. "You released a doctored video - actual fake news".

"You are a rude, awful person", Trump told Acosta. "I'm sick of him being the story, I'm sick of talking about Jim Acosta", she said.

The decision to expel Acosta came just hours after confirmation that the Republican Party had lost control of the US House of Representatives on Wednesday. "Secret Service just informed me I can not enter the WH grounds for my 8pm hit", the veteran news reporter wrote.

Several journalists and organizations - including the American Society of News Editors, the Associated Press Media Editors and the Online News Association - demanded Acosta's press pass be reinstated.

They began sparring Wednesday after Acosta asked Trump about the caravan of migrants heading from Latin America to the southern US border.

Little comparison exists between the two incidents involving Presidents Obama and Trump referenced here, other than that they both resulted in an individual's being barred from a White House event. "This unprecedented decision is a threat to our democracy and the country deserves better", CNN said. Who invited him? I haven't gotten a response from the White House yet.