UFO investigated in Ireland after multiple aircraft sightings

Pilots encounter ‘very bright’ UFO which ‘disappeared at high speed’

The Irish Aviation Authority kicked off a probe following a number of UFO sightings, with an object flying at what is purported to be light speed zipped by, before vanishing away, according to a statement from the Irish Examiner.

"Appeared to be multiple objects following the same sort of trajectory", the pilot says.

They reported that the object was moving at "astronomical speeds - it was like Mach 2".

A second pilot, flying a Virgin Airlines plane, also called air traffic control.

The IrishExaminer reports that on on Friday last, a pilot from a British Airways flight contacted Shannon Air Traffic Control to ask if there were military exercises talking place in the area - but there were none underway.

Officials from Shannon ATC quickly confirmed that there were no planned military exercises taking place and that there was "nothing showing on either [their] primary or secondary [radar]".

The British pilot onboard the flight from Montreal to Heathrow revealed that the UFO had come up along the left side of the aircraft before it rapidly moved to the North at a very high acceleration. We saw a bright light and it then just disappeared at a very high speed. "They were very bright where we were".

"I'm just guessing the first pilots had seen one that bright before", he said, adding that "it would be a bit unnerving" seeing one streaking past your aeroplane.

Two other planes can then be heard reporting the sighting to Shannon Air Traffic Control.

The Irish Aviation Authority launched the probe after sightings on November 9 at around 7.40am.

The Irish Aviation Authority later told local media the reports were being investigated.



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