U.S. Congress divided: Democrats take control of House, Republicans retain Senate

LIVINGSTON MT- NOVEMBER 02 Montana Democrat Senator Jon Tester who his defending his senate seat from Republican Matt Rosendale campaigns with Democrat Kathleen Williams who is running against Republican Greg Gianforte for Montana's lone house sea

Trump also mocked Republican candidates who had refused to back his policies and ultimately lost their races, such as U.S. Representative Barbara Comstock of Virginia.

The first move likely belongs to Democrats. Instead of using their oversight authority to scrutinise the administration, House Republicans repeatedly sought to discredit the investigation into possible contacts between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation. The president welcomed that fight, declaring the White House would adopt "a warlike posture".

Pelosi, at a news conference on Capitol Hill, said Democrats would be willing to work with Trump where possible, but added, "We have a constitutional responsibility to have oversight". And voters returned a Congress that better reflects the sprawling population of the US.

"Everybody wants it, the farmers want it, but the Democrats are not approving the farm bill with work rules", Trump said. Though no formal war room was established, senior aides convened meetings to map out the administration's strategy for combating newly emboldened Democrats.

Both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama lost control of the House in their first term in office and went on to win re-election.

The central strategy: play defense by going on offense and turning the public against Democratic investigations by painting the probes as overreach created to cause gridlock.

These victories could have national implications, as state legislatures are responsible for drawing congressional districts, and progressive attorneys general have been taking on the Trump administration. Turnover in the White House counsel's office - Don McGahn has departed and his replacement, Pat Cipollone, has not started yet - has slowed some planning for how to confront legal challenges. The divided power in Congress combined with Trump's expansive view of executive power could herald even deeper political polarization and legislative gridlock in Washington. "But what we stand for meant a lot to most people". "You have to really give the voters what they want".

In 2007, Trump praised her as "the best", when she was first sworn in as speaker. That's 30 million more people who participated in the 2014 midterms, representing the highest raw vote total for a non-presidential election in USA history and the highest overall voter participation rate in a midterm election in a half century. "She has earned this great honor!"

Republicans were caught in the crossfire between Trump's unpopularity and the economy's strength, he said.

Beyond Pelosi, the GOP also will run aggressive ad campaigns and unleash talking-point attacks against the committee leaders who will run the probes. Schiff, Jerry Nadler of New York, Elijah Cummings of Maryland and Sen.

One particular item Pelosi has said she intends to obtain and release to the public? The company has said the plant could employ up to 13,000 people, but Evers said the incentives package, the largest in US history to a foreign corporation, was too rich.

Vermont's sole delegate to the U.S. House says he hasn't decided who should serve as its next speaker. But there again, what Trump did in those states was to produce a return to basic political identity in red states and red House districts, while Democrats used Trump and hot-button political issues such as health care to do the same in blue states and blue House districts.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said in a statement on Thursday that Americans deserve "real action" on gun control in wake of the mass shooting in California that left 12 dead.

"She represents the party of".

Trump said, "In the House, Republicans dramatically outperformed historical precedents". They were seen as overreaching, and that helped boost Clinton's poll numbers. Democrats may disagree with the president's single-minded embrace of tariffs.

In fact, as I am writing this, it appears that enough Republicans will have won Senate seats that it will be far more hard for Democrats to have a shot at winning a Senate majority in 2020 than anyone might have expected.

Former GOP Del. Greg Habeeb said the Richmond and Hampton Roads suburbs, as well as the outer suburbs of Northern Virginia, are battlegrounds that Republicans can win with the right candidates, tone and message.



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