Trump on new acting AG: 'I don't know Matt Whitaker'

Fears for Russia probe as Trump fires Jeff Sessions

Trevor Potter, a former Republican commissioner on the Federal Election Commission who now leads the Campaign Legal Center, which advocates for more transparency in elections, said the question of whether Whitaker should recuse himself depends on Clovis' status in the Mueller investigation.

Gonzales said if a decision is made to curtail or end the Mueller probe, that shouldn't be made by the acting attorney general, but someone within the normal lines of the chain of authority, either the deputy attorney general or the solicitor general.

Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., wrote a pointed letter to the president asking if he discussed the special counsel's probe with Whitaker prior to his appointment this week, and whether Trump sought or received a pledge of loyalty from Whitaker.

Whitaker was known to be skeptical about Mueller's probe on alleged Russian interference and U.S. President Donald Trump's connection with Russia in the 2016 election. Given that Trump publicly demanded his last attorney general stop Mueller, and that Whitaker has publicly called for Mueller's last supervisor to reign him in, this seems like a fair question.

"Don't tell me about Whitaker", Trump said, "because Mueller was not Senate-confirmed". Whitaker also later served as the chairman of a Clovis campaign for state treasurer. He will be replaced by Matthew Whitaker, a former US attorney who was hired as Sessions' chief-of-staff in October 2017. "Graham, I do believe we have the right to get a solid answer from him", she said.

Sessions was the first casualty of a cabinet shakeup that had been expected from Trump following the midterm elections.

"He's acting, I think he'll do a very good job and we'll see what happens".

During a brief stint previous year as a conservative legal commentator on CNN, Whitaker often appeared as a Trump defender, saying he saw no evidence the president colluded with Russians during the 2016 campaign or obstructed justice.

About 400 convened Thursday along the Riverwalk in Naperville to rally in support of the continuation of the probe by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Allen said Trump would likely gladly trade the possibility of a better working relationship with Democrats for protection against Mueller.

Clovis went on to work as a Trump campaign adviser and has become a witness in the investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

He could also refuse to sign off on a subpoena of Trump if the president refuses to voluntarily speak to investigators.

American citizens in Vancouver are planning a protest Thursday following the firing by U.S. President Donald Trump of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

"There's a disrespect for norms, a disrespect for the rule of law, and a disrespect for the conventions of society and politics", he said, adding that politicians needed to "rise above party" to confront Trump. "Cox clashed with the White House over Nixon's refusal to release Oval Office recordings, some of which implicated the president in the (Watergate hotel) break-in".