Trump blames mental illness in California bar massacres

Ian David Long the veteran who opened fire at the club in California

Orfanos, who served in the Navy, attended the Route 91 Harvest music festival in Las Vegas a year ago, where a gunman opened fire from the Mandalay Bay hotel in the worst mass shooting in USA history.

A Fox News anchor offered "thoughts and prayers" to the families of country music fans killed in a Thousand Oaks mass shooting, after one victim's mother specifically said she did not want any.

Julie Hanson, who lives next door to Long's ranch-style home, described him as "odd" and "disrespectful" well before he left home a decade ago, got married and enlisted in the Marines, becoming a machine gunner.

A mental health specialist with the crisis team who met Long said he may be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, but made a decision to not detain him.

Among those killed was police officer who rushed in and engaged with the gunman, authorities said Thursday.

"And the two words I want you to write are: Gun control", she added. Trump touted his efforts to fund PTSD among veterans. He declined to engage on questions on whether the nation needs stricter gun control laws. But 13 months later, another mass shooter killed him.

He said his department had "several contacts" with Long over the years, for minor incidents including a traffic collision, and in 2015 when he was beaten up at a local bar. "I'm alive and home safe", she said on Facebook.

About 18 months ago, Don and Effie MacLeod heard "an bad argument" and what he believes was a gunshot from the Longs' property.

They would sometimes go to Borderline "three nights in a row just so we could be with each other", he told KABC. "If he talks, just acknowledge him, don't go into conversation with him, '" Don MacLeod said Thursday.

Las Vegas massacre survivors from the area would convene at the country-themed Borderline Bar. "Tonight Thousand Oaks takes its place with those cities, who in order to move forward will rely on hope".

Colell told CBS Los Angeles that other coaches at the school had asked her to forego filing charges against Long in order to protect his chances of getting into the Marines.

California governor-elect Gavin Newsom (D) lamented the country's "gun culture" after the latest mass shooting.

"Every Marine is trained in urban warfare and indoor gun fighting", said Marc Bender, an instructor for emergency responders in Riverside County, California. You can't go to church or synagogue? The normalization, that's the only way I can describe it.



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