Steelers Antonio Brown pulled over for going 100 miles per hour

Antonio Brown

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown was issued a citation for speeding this week, and it sounds like he is fortunate he was not arrested.

The drama-filled season of one Antonio Brown continued early Thursday morning. Footage from a security camera shows the black Porsche whiz down the road in the left lane, and witnesses captured more video of Brown's auto on the side of the road as officers in a Ford Explorer Intercepter processed the infraction.

Per the report, Brown was initially pursued because the officer was looking for a fleeing suspect from a bank robbery. His reckless driving simply coincided with police responding to the other situation.

Chances are, Brown will go tonight for the Steelers in their game against the Carolina Panthers and hopefully, he reserves his speed to the field from now on.

The vehicle in question was Brown's black Porsche (see it here). "We won't have any further comment at this time", the Steelers said in a statement.

The Steelers have not yet addressed the incident.



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