Stan Lee dies at 95: Remembering Marvel's biggest icon


The publisher, founded by Lee's cousin-in-law Martin Goodman, would eventually transform into Marvel Comics in 1961.

CBS turned the Hulk into a successful TV series, with Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno portraying the doomed scientist from 1978-82. "He said, "You know, Stan, one of our competitors has a superhero team which is selling very well - why don't we do a superhero team?'" he recalled of DC Comics" Justice League.

Lee said he was also working for a publisher who considered comics as fare only for children.

Having started a career in comics with Timely in 1939, Lee's contributions to the medium were more than just that of a writer. With Stan at its helm, Timely Comics morphed first into Atlas Comics and then into the name that would catapult it into legend and forever be synonymous with Stan Lee: Marvel Comics. Both characters were featured in animated TV series as well.

Lee was known for making a cameo in every Marvel film, though he had left the Marvel company in 1972. In 2002, he was forced to sue the company for royalties he was owed for the first three Spider-Man movies (the films with Tobey Maguire).

Lee scripted most of Marvel's superhero comics himself during the '60s, including the Avengers and the X-Men, two of the most enduring.

His contributions to the comic industry can not be overstated.

Lee did still enjoy the fruits of his Marvel labors, however, telling ABC News in 2015 that the dominance of those characters at the box office half a century after their creation felt "wonderful".

He made cameo appearances in all of the Marvel movies. He is survived by his daughter J.C.



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