Samsung quietly releases another Android Go device, Galaxy J4 Core

Sarah Tew  CNET

Then at SDC18 on Wednesday, Samsung confirmed that it's indeed making displays with holes at the top - Apple, by the way, also has a patent on tech that allows manufacturers to drill holes through screens, which may be a telling detail for the future of its hardware.

That seems to be the message coming from the smartphone industry at the moment, which has been in a bit of a race competing to get the first foldy phones out.

Samsung has just shown off a camouflaged version of its foldable smartphone after having teased it in concept videos and with prototype displays for several years.

Mr Dave Burke, vice-president of engineering for Google's Android software platform, told a Google conference in California that Samsung planned to introduce a new Android-based device early next year.

When folded, the cover display, an OLED that functions as a notification center, measures 4.58 inches diagonally. The device can be opened to reveal a 7.3-inch tablet.

The leaker says that the current camera technology that would let Samsung place a camera under the OLED screen is "immature", as not enough light is able to reach the sensor. To facilitate multitasking, Samsung described at the event a new, intuitive interface design called One UI to be used with the Infinity Flex Display.

Other companies: Google has started working on foldable devices, too, The Verge reports.

Google's head of Android UX, Mr Glen Murphy, who was on stage with Samsung, said Google would work with developers to bring more features to the phone. Huawei is planning to release a 5G foldable phone in mid-2019.



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