PUBG launches on PS4 next month

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The full release on Xbox One also carried the label "console launch exclusive", which further points to a release on PS4 at some point.

It appears that PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds may soon be heading to PlayStation 4 at long last.

According to a report by Eurogamer, the well-known game analyst: Daniel Ahmad stated in a post in ResetEra that PUBG is finally making its way to Sony PlayStation 4. Phase 3 will come to an end near the end of October, signaling the end of all standardized leagues for the year and the beginning of PUBG's Global Championship.

It looks like we'll be playing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds on PS4 sooner than we thought. A PSNProfiles user says that Sony's servers have updated with the game's title picture and content ID.

However, as per WCCFTech, PUBG Corp. has planned some ultimate additions to the game.

This newest piece of evidence follows a leak on the Korean Game Rating Board which gave the PS4 version a rating.

PUBG first hit Xbox One on December 12 as part of the console's Game Preview program. But what caught us off guard is the announcement of the new PUBG skins that commemorate the all-time villain Joker and Harley Quinn.

In more freaky PUBG news, the game has an unexpected Suicide Squad crossover, which means you can play wearing the Joker or Harley Quinn skins. Yum. But if you go to the Xbox Store, the game is listed as free for a limited time.

That's not the only reason PUBG is in the news today though, as Microsoft has been tweeting about their X018 event at the weekend.

Before you get your hopes up, however, we have to throw in a disclaimer here.



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