Protesters Give Tucker Carlson's Wife a Fright

BREAKING: Antifa Group Shows Up At Tucker Carlson's House, Tells Him He's 'Not Safe' (VIDEO)

The group also posted Carlson's address, but Twitter removed it a short time later. Carlson's wife was home alone and called the police.

"I want to hear Hillary Clinton condemn this - I want to hear Barack Obama condemn this", Harvard Law Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz told the Herald. It was a protest.

He continued: "I honestly can not empathize with Tucker Carlson's wife at all - I agree that protesting at her house was tactically unwise and shouldn't be done - but I am utterly unable to identify with her plight on any level". The protestor accused Carlson of being a purveyor of hate and alleged the talk show host purports "an ideology that has led to thousands of people dying".

Fellow host Steve Doocy tried to hedge: "We don't know that", he said quickly.

Carlson told Kilmeade the group put his home address as well as that of his brother on the Internet.

One female activist said she wanted to bring a pipe bomb to the house.

"It wasnt a protest".

As Carlson noted, Fox News supported him in the controversy. They also chanted, "Racist s--bag, leave town". Protesters screamed and yelled at the political couple until they ostensibly left the restaurant. "They were threatening my family to get me to stop talking".

The Smash Racism DC Twitter account has since been suspended.

"Tonight youre reminded that we have a voice", a now-deleted tweet read. "Confront them at their homes!"

"The DC reported the group wrote on Twitter: "Tucker Carlson, you can not hide from the people you hurt with your rhetoric, your lies, and your hate", with the hashtag '#KnockKnockTucker'". But his wife was there and quickly locked herself in the pantry and called 911.

However, no arrests were made although police arrive on the scene.

"We 100 percent stand by our decision to publicly shame Tucker Carlson" even though "direct action can be uncomfortable", the group told HuffPost. Some pressed the doorbell and one, according to the wife of the Fox News host who was home at the time, tried to break down the front door.

In January of this year, John Jay finally let Isaacson go after his egregious anti-police tweets were publicized in the conservative media.

In videos uploaded to Twitter by the group on Wednesday, participants were heard saying "Tucker Carlson, we will fight!"

"His family does not deserve this", she added.

Fox News commentator Brit Hume called the incident "revolting, and frightening". Daily Wire reporter Amanda Prestigiacomo tweeted that the protesters were "cowards" for going to Carlsons home while he was taping his show.

"I think Tucker is a awful influence on modern America but that doesnt justify harassing him at home", Boot tweeted.

Wednesday night's protest, though, marked a turning point, Carlson said. Quoting the responses from Kelly and Boot, Stelter wrote, "I agree".



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