Obamacare changes to know with open enrollment underway

Get Covered Illinois

Governor Phil Murphy this week announced the launch of Get Covered New Jersey, a state public awareness campaign to promote the Affordable Care Act's 2019 open enrollment period, which runs from November 1 through December 15.

"Families in Florida and across America have been aided every year by independent Navigators that help them find the best option for their health insurance".

Off marketplace plans have all the essential benefits offered by ACA plans, but they don't provide financial assistance.

"The expanded healthcare plan options for 2019 give Tennesseans more choices", said TDCI Commissioner Julie Mix McPeak.

You have other options for individual insurance coverage.

"We're talking about how DE, in particular, could create recommendations to make sure we're protecting everyone to get coverage that they need and not be pushed into plans that really don't give them coverage, except maybe some catastrophic coverage", she said.

For the first time since the launch of ACA plans in 2014, in 2019 consumers will not have to worry about paying a tax if they don't have an ACA compliant health plan. "We can also undo some of the sabotage the Trump administration and Republicans in Congress and at the state level have done to our affordable health care".

DE now has about 24,500 people enrolled for coverage through its Health Insurance Marketplace, including 77 percent who re-enrolled for 2018 and 23 percent who were new enrollees.

When asked about how the 1322 waivers will play out, Mr. Southwell said, "At least 40 states have already extended short term health insurance durations to between six to 12 months, demonstrating a commitment to finding affordable insurance solutions for their citizens so we should expect even more creative solutions from the various states using 1322 waivers". The state has only one provider.

As part of two changes to the ACA last week, federal health officials issued a new guidance giving states more flexibility to manage their own health insurance markets. For coverage in 2018, about 82 percent of enrollees in DE were eligible for tax credits, which help reduce the cost of the monthly premium. "Consumers now have the freedom to shop outside of the ACA for health insurance they can afford without fear of a tax fine". Average rates for the 2019 lowest-cost silver and gold plans decreased from previous year for the first time, while the lowest-cost bronze plans modestly increased.

To qualify for ACA coverage, your income has to be at least at 100 percent of federal poverty level - $12,140 for an individual.

"A lot of the short-term plans exclude emergency services, majority exclude maternity care, some exclude hospitalization", Hattemer warns.

Among the seven insurance companies that are offering ACA plans in Florida, rate increases range from 2.4 percent to 9.8 percent.

Bright Health: Coverage offered for the Knoxville, Memphis, and Nashville areas.

Consumers should contact GCI at (866) 311-1119 or visit the GCI website to learn if they are eligible to receive financial assistance based on their income and family size.



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