Nittany Lions Jump 6 Spots in New College Football Playoff Rankings

Texas sneaks into top 15 in latest College Football Playoff rankings

Alabama, Clemson, Notre Dame and MI remained the top four teams in that order.

After a weekend without drama in college football, the Playoff Rankings were almost identical to the previous week's rankings. If you look below at our top 10 in these rankings, though, you won't find the Sooners.

With three weekends left until the final selections are made December 2, Georgia was fifth and Oklahoma was sixth.

LSU, Washington State, West Virginia and Ohio State stayed the course to round out the top 10.

College football's 2018 season continues with a Week 12 slate featuring 66 games from Wednesday to Saturday night.

Penn State football checked in at No. 14 in this week's College Football Playoff rankings. As much as it might feel as if the field is well set, it would be best to expect an unexpected result or two over the next three weeks. But even if that were to happen, Alabama could quickly redeem itself by beating Georgia to win the SEC on championship weekend. SEC champion Georgia would be in.

But 12-1 without an SEC championship? So that's at least 12.2 points, but if you add that to West Virginia's current score of 10.9, that's still only 23.1 points.

UCF is officially set to host a top 25 matchup in primetime Saturday, with Cincinnati moving up to No. 24 in the latest rankings. Both were 11-2 with conference titles, but ugly losses on their ledgers. Even if the Orange beat Notre Dame and Boston College (two top 25 teams) to end their season, they wouldn't make it. The Buckeyes would face projected Pac-12 champ No. 8 Washington State. Alabama has the eighth-ranked defense in the country and the game would be a neutral site instead of being at Oklahoma's own home field.

The committee has to be rooting for the Tide to keep it out of this mess. MI travels to Ohio State to end its regular season and a win over the Buckeyes isn't guaranteed - despite the team's struggles this season. UCF came in at No. 11, the highest any Group of Five team has ranked in the playoff history.

The committee continues to be impressed with UCF's offensive prowess.

"You wanna get nuts, let's get nuts".

Oklahoma would possibly put up a fight with Alabama, but to go from preaching a coach and his program to then flipping the switch weeks later (after winning big games and by double digits) and siding with a team that has struggled to take down Army, Oklahoma State, Iowa State, Texas Tech and lost to Texas isn't right.

Still, the Irish at 11-1 pits them against any other once-beaten conference champion, while also possibly forcing the committee to justify putting MI in and leaving the Irish out.



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